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Teeth Whitening


When we were young children, we thought our teeth would sparkle forever. But throughout the years, we eat colored foods, drink coffee and tea which causes stains to build up on our teeth. Regular cleanings can remove some of these stains from the surface of the teeth, but sometimes, stains are deeper within the structure of the teeth.

These stains require BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Power Whitening. What is it? The Whitening formula in the BEYOND™ Whitening Gel penetrates deep into the teeth. The gel breaks down and destroys those deep stains – even those stains that are located deep inside the teeth. It wipes away dark compounds that conventional cleanings cannot remove.

The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Select teeth whitening system uses the most advanced and innovative technology. it also uses materials to whiten your teeth safely, quickly, and with incredible results. This gentle whitening gel contains 6% hydrogen peroxide to remove surface stains and stains found deep inside the teeth. Your teeth get whiter faster, and longer.

To ensure your safety and comfort, the treatment is only 60 minutes long, minimizing your risk of experiencing tooth sensitivity. Our whitening accelerator lamp speeds up the entire process, meaning that you can whiten your teeth in the same amount of time it would take to get a haircut, facial, or manicure.

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