Clinic Overview

What is WellQuest?

We’re glad you asked. WellQuest Medical Center is a physician-directed medical for both  families and health-conscious businesses. We offer a full range of medical care for adults and children. This includes digital diagnostic tests, that include: Laboratory, X-ray, EKG and much more.

It doesn’t matter what you medical problem is, sudden illness, recurring symptoms or minor injury, WellQuest is dedicated on resolving your immediate needs with the ultimate goal of  leading every patient toward a healthier lifestyle.

How is WellQuest Different?

Our mission is to focus your immediate medical needs and your long-term health and well-being. Our approach includes developing an individualized plan for clients who are seeking to live life with purpose and health.

You will find that here at WellQuest, we do not look, act or smell like a traditional medical clinic. Our facilities are vibrant with aromatherapy, the sound of water, and soothing music for every client who walks in. Our staff is dedicated to excellence client service and patient satisfaction. We are opened 7 days a week and accepts appointments and walk-in visits.

WellQuest is open late. Does that make it Urgent Care?

No. The typical urgent care facility is more than often slow, unprofessional, resistant to customer service, and many times staffed only with a single medical provider. At WellQuest, we are customer focused, efficient, extremely high quality, and staffs up to 8 medical providers. This includes 4 Board Certified MD’s. This results in over 85% of our clinic categorized as Family Practice or regular clientele.

Take a look at the chart below to see the differences between WellQuest and Urgent Care.

Does WellQuest Accept Health Insurance?

We do! WellQuest accepts most major insurances. We also accept cash, check and credit card payments.

Note: Our Medical Spa accepts cash, check and credit card ONLY.