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Urgent Care Tulsa : Annual Exams

This Content Was Written For Well Quest Medical

Are you in a position where you currently don’t have a primary health care physician and are looking for a place to get a wellness exam? Call Urgent Care Tulsa today at 918-943-3600 to set up your appointment or visit us online and schedule an appointment through our website. You will find that you will love her efficient care plans and feel confident in knowing that you made the right choice and picking us to help you with your health care needs.

We help you figure out where you are at in your health and come up with a plan to get your health to where you want it to be. You are not alone in this. That’s what makes our facility so special is that we help our patients get to a place where they feel like someone is helping them better their life. Who wouldn’t want an annual check-up 2 see what direction they’re health is going? Oh yeah but think about how beneficial it will be to stay on track with your health and to be able to live a long life to spend with your family and friends. Don’t let this chance get away from you just because you’re unsure of finding a healthcare provider. We provide all the medical needs that you will need and also have prevented if plans for you to strive for.

Some components that go along with our annual exam include a physical examination, screen test, and chest x-rays. These are just a few of many components that come with your examination. you can go online and see on our website all of the services that we offer to make you see exactly where you’re at. If you end up needing a referral for more in-depth testing, we can manage your referral right here with our team that 4 at our facility at Urgent Care Tulsa.

Not only do we have annual exams for adults, the we also offer well child exam score your special little ones. We perform tests as this very and we also are able to prescribe the treatment for any medical issues. Help parents understand where the child should be in there help, we encourage parents to become educated on information about their normal development throughout the different ages, as well as the nutrition, delete and safety. These are just a few of them for me traffic that concern your child.

We love offering our patients not only emergy care, but physical exams that are always beneficial for any person to experience. Give Urgent Care Tulsa today at 918-943-3600 today to schedule your physical exam for you and your family. You can also make an appointment on our user friendly website! We look forward to seeing you at our facility and begin a healthy road for your life! We encourage you to not waste any more time because we believe that every minute of your health is valuable.
Urgent Care Tulsa : The Best Place For Health

This Content Was Written For Well Quest Medical

We are excited to share all of our wonderful health care options to you, our potentially new patient! Here at Urgent Care Tulsa, we don’t just provide what you may expect at an original urgent care. We provide so much more! Give us a call today to set your appointment up to meet one of our professional and caring physicians at 918-943-3600 or visit us online to set up a time that you want to meet with us!

You will be glad to see all we have to offer at our great facility. From the minute you walk into the door, you will be completely satisfied not only with all the services we have to offer, but the friendly staff that is willing to help you get all set up. That is what sets us apart from other healthcare services! You will be pleased to be treated like a real person and not just a number or body in line waiting to see the next doctor.

Satellite – we offer annual Wellness exams, but we also have a medical weight loss program that you would love to be included in. Are weight loss programs will maximize your overall health and help you in a fast track ability to heal. We know that your time is valuable to you because you have family friends and many loved ones who care about you. Why not make the best of it and start your weight loss program and set your goals and we will help you every step of the way even when things might seem difficult. Urgent care Tulsa is here for you to meet all of your overall health needs to make sure that you stay focused on what is important in your life.

Something that we cover in our medical weight loss program our eating habits, previous diet attempts, I’m supposed to weight loss and more. We have dietitians on staff here analyze several different factors in order to get a deep understanding of your body composition. We will help you use these factors to make personal goals. We believe that this is a great program that can help you become more physically fit and more confident about who you are. We want you to be proud when you look in the mirror at the goals that you have achieved and the better person that you have become.

We love to see people’s lives change for the better add urgent care Tulsa. Take ownership of your health today and give us a call at 918-943-3600 to set up your appointment. You can talk to one of our staff members about any of your health care needs or any questions that you have. If you are nervous about getting started in any of our programs come by and speak with somebody face to face so that you can start building a relationship with us and become comfortable with these new changes in your life.